Registered General Nurse

Client Contact: 0161 304 4300

Lynn Pope - Senior Board Level Nurse

Lynn Pope is a senior board level nurse, with over 20 years clinical experience. She is a strong clinical leader, with an outstanding ability to lead, develop and inspire teams to achieve organisational objectives and deliver clinical excellence. She has a passion for ensuring value for money and clinical quality across all services.

She has extensive experience in performance management and staff development and a strong track record of building collaborative working relationships. Lynn has spent the last ten years developing and implementing strategy governance frameworks and leading and developing teams in both the public and private healthcare sectors.

Lynn is a champion of patient safety and has extensive experience of leading, reporting and investigating serious incidents across provider and commissioner services. She is adept at engaging to make wider impact in the community and has supported the Home Office’s National Policing Improvement Agency and assessed senior police officers for leadership and business skills at Bramshill and Ryton Police Colleges.

She is also a recognised expert in developing and leading Continuing Healthcare Services.


• Registered General Nurse;
• 20 Years Clinical Experience.

Relevant Skills

• Expert Witness;
• Risk Assessments;
• Case Management;
• Needs Assessment;
• Clinical Assessment of adults/children with illness and disability;
• Report Writing;
• Effective Communicator;
• Critical Evaluation/ Research;
• Strategic Thinker;
• Organisational Skills.

Areas of Expertise
  • Assessment of adults/children with illness and physical disability including head, spine, orthopaedic and pain problems, Amputees, Palliative care, medical, age related conditions and neurological conditions;
  • Care;
  • Loss of Services;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Aids and Equipment;
  • Liability reports, falls, pressure sores, standards of care;
  • Continuing Health Care.